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Chisling contamination

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Might work sometimes for some, I would recommend using a sharp razor blade just to be on the safe side. Nothing worse than assuming the glass is free from hard specs just to find out different and have to start all over again.

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Even if you chisel or "blur" out the contamination it will be visible from the inside still.

From the outside you'll eliminate that glowing/shiny outline where you see the contamination but that's about it. 


I've had some cases where I was able to push the contamination out through the side of the film because I didn't do my final pass on the film.


A lot of it will depend on the film you're using as well. For instant film like 3M Color Stable, it's so thin that when heating any imperfection whether its a minor crink/crease or contamination it'll lay flat and blend well. Where another film may not be so forgiving.

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windows are not completly smoth, sometimes pitted. I heat it up and start with my thumbnail and if needed use a gator blade for specks.

trick is the right amount of heat to get the air out without smearing the glue. films with thicker adhesives you can even make small

pieces of lint and specs disapear

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Stick car in the sun for 15 mins. use a bone, chizzler,gatorblade ,popsickle stick ----- whatever won't scratch the film. Most small imperfections blend out. Trick is not scratching the film.Biggest trick is not getting any contamination at all. :lol

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