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10 Things I Hate That Customers Do

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This is tongue-in-cheek, I heard them talking on the radio this morning about hating their customers and it made me think. Please don't berate me, I go above and beyond to make all my customers happy (as best we can) :)


1. Give directions to their house or business. We have GPS and smartphones, we can find (almost) anyplace in the world. We'll be fine.


2. Tell me which phone number they will give, i.e. "I'll give you my cell phone because I have a doctor appointment and have to pick up the dry cleaning and.....", Just give me the phone number, we'll be in touch


3. Tell me how to start your car. You're not the only one with push button start, we see a lot of cars, it's not that new of a technology, we get it, thanks.


4. Inspect windows before we are done. Yes, I see the streaks, no, that's on the outside, now is when you want to clean the outside so we can awkwardly stare at each other? Can we please finish first!


5. Ask for illegal car tinting. "I don't care if it's illegal, I'll take the chance". Well, we won't. I don't know you, I have to drive on these roads with you. You could sue me.


6. Make up VLT numbers. "I want 80 all the way around" 80? ok, no problem. Let me guess, you used to tint windows?


7. People who want to watch We have had people pull up a chair in their house and watch us tint. every. window. Please, let us do our job. We are professionals.


8. Customers who want to help. Again, we are professionals. We don't need you to hold anything, hand us anything, or generally touch anything. Please, go take a nap.


9. People who try to bargain down to nothing. I understand the haggle and I can usually tell who will ask for a discount and I try to build that into the quote, but some customers will just not compromise. I am not getting rich off of you ,trust me.


10. Commercial jobs with novel size contracts. Is all this paper work really necessary for a $250 job? You want one window blacked out and now I have an hour of papers to read, sign, notarize, print, scan, email, aaahhhhhhh!



I left out the typical "Does it go on the inside" 'cause it was too cliche. Am I missing any?




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