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trucut vs dap TODAY

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over time, things get better typically...


is trucut worth it to use daily on every make and model just like DAP, or is DAP still king?


Racking up bills in the $500+ for the software when there is a cheaper option for a flat fee is tempting...but I am not sure I want to make a jump, or pay $150 to try it for a month wasting money, or if the kits are slightly off

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Have you tried any of their recent patterns? They should offer the opportunity to try the software either for a month or a certain amount of cuts. I know for us at PremiumShield, we have 10 free cuts in our demo version of our Cut Studio software. I know DAP is usually offered for a month trial to see how that works out for potential customers. Digital Designs had a similar system as us but I don't know if that has changed. In the end, everything you do is a risk whether it be low, high, or even mid level. In my opinion, $150 is short money to try it for a month if you have to pony up that amount to try it. They aren't forcing you to sign up for the year so it's not much to give it a full go for a month to see how they fit. If they don't, no harm no fowl and you just don't continue the subscription. You can at least say you've tried it.  

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I have Dap and Trucut. Dap is hands down the better of the 2. I think the big problem with Trucut is patterns seem to be inconsistent across the board. What I mean by that is the over all design of bumpers from one car to the next are not made with the same thought process. I believe the Trucut patterns are sourced from multiple shops that submit them ,vs Dap were all patterns are made in house.I may be wrong on that. To help with cost I only use Dap to cut bumpers. Hoods and fenders are pretty easy to get to fit well.I do really wish Trucut would make hood and fenders wrap on all the cars though. I know I can edit them to, and I do, but I would rather not waste my time doing that. They say they are trying to do it on the new cars, but from what I have seen it's still hit and miss,and they are mostly wrapped on the 30inch hoods. I don't know many people that use 30 inch hoods. For me its 24 or full hoods only.

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I use both. Overall I find that Trucut has a good selection of patterns although it can be inconsistent in what is available. I find the Trucut software is much easier to use than DAP. I can adjust patterns much more easily when I wasn't to wrap edges or make other adjustments. The nesting function also makes it very easy to maximize film use and minimize waste. Also if I used DAP only I would be paying easily over $1000 a month where as Trucut is a flat fee. DAP though has great patterns and is a good backup to have when I cant find a pattern in Trucut. I find that DAP also has plenty vehicles where they have patterned the entire car. My recommendation would be to use both... cut most of your patterns with Trucut and use the DAP for what you might need outside of Trucut.

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Does it make any difference on the film you use for either? I know sometimes they are cut for the stretch and different companies have different amounts of stretch. So would using dap with suntek make a difference? Seems as sometimes the amount of stretch or lack of need to stretch makes lining things up hard.

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