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Solar Free Artisan????

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hey guys been looking at carrying a ceramic film for my shop. i had a rep from Solar Free stop by a few months ago and leave a sample of their Artisan 75%. i used it on a windshield for a customer and really liked the clarity and ease of shrinking but my question is has anyone used any of their darker films? how do they hold up? they have a awesome prices but still a not very well known company so I'm afraid that will hurt me against competition. 

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The whole Artisan series has been a pretty standard ceramic line for years.  Everybody talks about Rayno's carbon-ceramic technology in their s7 & s9 series... but Artisan is actually one of the first films that has been utilizing that same carbon-ceramic technology since early 2010.  The carbon component of Artisan has made it color stable and the ceramic portion gives it a lot of heat blockage, although there are other films with higher numbers ie. F1 Pinnacle, 3M crystalline, and photosync. The best part of Artisan is the clarity... the low angle haze that everybody complains about in QDP ceramic, SG's Ultragard, CXP, etc... is virtually non-existant.


You're in Elk Grove.. I have couple of buddies down in Roseville that have been using Artisan for years.  You can ask them what they think, i'll PM you their contact info. 

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hi im a customer and just had this film installed.i had 35% and i noticed a few things. its very bright from the inside. feels like a 40% or 45%. My old car with formula one classic dye 35% was much daker. My biggest complaint is the low angle haze. I've reached out to my installer and waiting to hear back, but im pertty unhappy with the quality or what appears to be the haziness of the tint when the sun hits it and certain angles. driving me nuts.


hoping some of the experts on here could comment and confirm if this is common with this brand tint.

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