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Issue with Tint on a Yacht- NEVER Seen this before - NEED Advice!

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The film formed these cloud like patterns in the tint approximately 8 months after installation.


Has anyone seen anything like this before? The film used was SunTek's Carbon XP 18%.



Any insight on this would be very helpful and appreciated. What would cause it? Is it in the film, in the glass or in between? Maybe the cleaning crew was using harsh chemicals to clean? Is that a possibility?





Thanks in advance!







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Hi my would like to try to help you the window with the lines looks like the end of the roll suntek will gost in high humid conditions try baby shampoo , not to insult you but it allso looks like your relese sheet is sill on it happens hope this helps I have spent a week with suntek 5 years ago , the film would leave lines with the dawn soap in high humidty changed up to baby shampoo per sunteks instructions and it solved the ghosting hope this helps I have not had eny other problems with suntek good film .

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