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malibu tip

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:lol MAN I hate tinting these back windows, you have to take the whole back apart if you want it to look worth a @#$%, I have been guilty of cutting around the back light and leaving all the nasty carpet exposed when I dont feel like taking all that @#$% apart. I have noticed some have alittle play where you can pull the deck back some and some are stuck like a mug.

today I had a idea. I was thinking MAN I sure wish I had somebody to pull this deck back while I feed my tint behind the brakelight then it hit me.

I took my adjustable bungee straps and anchored them in the cut outs where the baby seat anchors go and across to the headrest, this pulled and held the deck back just enough for me to get my tint back behind the light. I still cut the tint around the brakelight area but having this deck pulled back allowed me to tint all that carpeted area that can look like hammered hell if you leave it untinted.

a set of tie down straps would work alot better, they would be alot more sturdy. just hook them up and cinch them and it will hold the deck back 1/8th inch or alittle more, thats alot considering how tight some of those bastards are.

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Thanks for the tip, Mdog.

I hate tinting those back windows for all the reasons you mentioned.

I think this idea could work for several vehicles.

I'm gonna try it with a different angle on the bungees, though, so that you don't have to do the limbo under them with film in your hands.


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