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Hello. New to the site.

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Hello to all. This seems like a great forum. There's a lot of information within. I'm happy to be part of it.

I've been detailing for over 20 years on a part time basis. I've watched probably all the videos on PPF installation on Youtube over the last 2 months or so. I'm interested in adding this to my detailling. I have purchased some PPF and have been practicing on my old daily driver. I can see my technique improving each time, and as I become more familiar with the film as to what I need to do to get a real nice installation. In the begining, I didn't use enough slip solution which was one of my big problems, and my samples showed it. I know with everything in life, you must first learn how to walk before you can run. I continue to learn new things all the time as far as detailling. It seems like new products come out every day. I love the way a car looks after I'm done. That's the satisfaction that keeps me going at 50. People are shocked when they tell other's that a woman detailed my vehicle. Looking forward to learn from all of you.


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Wow. Welcome to the forum. I wish there were more females in this business. I've always thought they would do well.

Good luck to you in your new journey. :welcome

Thanks. Being a Woman (sole proprietor) in the detailing industry is real tuff. Usually men don't trust a Woman with their cars. They think I just answer the phone.

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Welcome to the board. Anything I can do to help you learn just let me know. I have taught countless detailers how to tint. I think your background will help you.... Attention to details is soooo important in tinting. My wife and I have worked the business 35 years now and I gotta say her small hands come in HANDY when tinting :twocents



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