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Whats 1 thing front of u right now

Guest nautiboi73

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Guest nautiboi73

well on teh messy desk I have lotto tickets( lotto is for idiots, :hmmm wife dreams in lotto)

You don't have to have a degree in econ, to realize that the chances of you winnig the lotto are like 0.0000000000001%, but yet millions of dollars are played eachday by dreamers. when the lotto get to about $100mill, then yea lets by a couple of tickets, but not every damn day. thats just stupid.

just think, in order for you yo win $10 in a $1 game, atleast 100 peolpe lost. the odds are against you.

I will goto vegas though, slightly better odds :lol

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Guest dodgyone

A catalogue for model cars, a print out from redbook.com giving the value of a car I'm selling for a mate and some paperwork for a local project to swim across Australia. :hmmm

Seriously. These guys have a swimming pool on the back of a truck and gonna have people swimming in it as it drives along the highway. 5000km. Leaves tomorrow. Might post some pics shortly....

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