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You will need some toys and a dime.

Tape the dime in the center so the point on your new Yardstick compass's point does not puncture your film while you spin its carefully set up blade.

Start your cut at about 7:00 and go around clockwise




The yellow parts of this  olfa compass can also be used in a pinch attached to your yardstick.




Should be able to find all of this stuff at an art supply shop . Google will find shops near you that carry them

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I'll usually cut out my over all square, trim the corners with scissors to make an octagon. Apply to the window with liner on,tack it down and sharpie about 1/2" beyond daylight opening. Cut again with scissors, sometimes I can leave it in place and do this. Roll it up, clean window, apply and cut. I do use a flimsy card to trim so it bends easily, hotel keycard works great. :twocents  

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