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Swim Across Australia

Guest dodgyone

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Guest dodgyone

Local group has organised a swim across Australia. It is to raise awareness of kids drowning in pools apparently. People will be swimming in the pool on the back of the truck as it drives along the highway from Geraldton to Sydney. About 5000 km or 3000 miles.

We are doing all the sign work on it.

This is a pic of the trailer the pool is sitting on.


This is the pool in the back.


This is were the life guard sits. It also is very wet in the event of an emergency stop. :hmmm


This is the documentary maker that has had his damn camera in our face all day yesterday and today.0780.jpg

Leaves first thing tomorrow morning.

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Guest dodgyone

Yep, the reason for the fence is that it is raising awareness of the kids that drown and the need for a fence around your pool. Not to mention there will be people walking around the outside while the thing is driving around. Gonna be alot of water outside the pool methinks.

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Guest H?perOptik

yeah.. I remember hearing of a few cases every year and lots of media coverage about pool safety.. sad how parent ignore such dangers right in their own back yard

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