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Johnsons vs Suntek

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okay so at the place I am now working I have a choice between Suntek and Johnsons window film.


I have used a little bit of the Suntek black pearl and didn't mind it although I didn't get a chance to try and shrink it.


what would you guys recommend?


I was using Madico at my old shop and loved it.


I'm looking for the best optically clear and need it to shrink well.



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I've used johnsons silhouette and marathon as well as sunteks standard pro and carbon extensively. Silhouette, marathon and carbon are very easy to heat shrink. St pro is a little more unforgiving but still not bad.

Haven't had issues to this point with the longevity of any of these films holding up but I don't live in a state where the conditions are very harsh.

JWF has a better scratch coat but it seems like suntek has gotten better than in years past.

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