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And the winner is.................SolarFX November Raffle

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends. In reflecting back over the year for what we are Thankful for, we have been very Thankful for the many new SolarFX Window Films family members we have gained.


We made this brand with several simple principles in mind:

1. To build the best product in the industry, at every price level of film that we offer, and offer it at a very reasonable price for the quality received.

2. To provide superior customer service that 43 years of business has taught us to deliver.

3. To treat every SolarFX Window Films customer like family and not just a $$$ figure.


We feel that we have delivered on these principles and will continue to do so in the future. So thank you for all of you who have decided to "Feel the FX"!!


Now on to what you really want to know........And the winner is:


There were 2,354 total posts with 46 contributing members to this raffle. The number that was selected by www.random.org was post number  2295.




The winning post was by Dynamic Appearance, who happened to be the 2nd most poster in this raffle.




A big thank you to Ric (tintdude) for your tireless work on this forum. Congratulations Dynamic Appearance and thank you to everyone that took time out of their day to participate in the raffle.


Dyanmic please give me a call at 800-825-3746 so we can finalize your winnings!!!!



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