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Users of Llumar CTX... Advice please

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Hi guys...


I was seeking advice from you professional installers on llumar CTX


About a month ago I had CTX 35 installed on my 2013 BMW 535i and from the inside looking out the film has a VERY blue/violet hue to it.


Mind you this is the 3rd time I have used CTX and I have never noticed such blue/purple hue to the film. Before you guys jump all over me I realize that CTX is known to be mildly blue - but again on my last two cars I never saw it. According to the installer he said that I need to use ATC to ensure there is not a blue hue to my windows. My questions are:


- Is it possible that the CTX 35 installed my recently was a bad roll?

- Should I ask the installer to try a new different roll or use ATC?

- Does CTX appear darker on windows that ATC or vise versa?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. For the record I know that BMW owners do not have the best rep and are know to be picky BUT I assure you this roll of CTX looks almost purple in sunlight. I just want to know if I should try another roll of CTX or save the headache and use ATC but lose out on the heat rejection.  







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Dude, I use FormulaOne which is basically the same as Llumar, just has a slightly higher price tag. AFC and ATC are dyed films that are so close in appearance to the Pinnacle and CTX its nuts. I would assume your BMW might have a different color factory glass than other vehicles you have had giving you the bluish/violet effect.

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Ok.. So the tint would look the same but from the numbers I read the heat rejection would have about a 12% difference between CTX and ATC... in the real world does this make a huge difference?



Does anyone think trying a different roll of CTX might change things?

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I doubt having it done again would change anything.  Since it is a newer model is a new Gen, the glass might have a slightly different hue than the previous Gens.  On a side note, why keep buying 5 Series...isn't that kind of boring?


I was thinking that the newer glass may different... in regards to heat rejection ATC 35 vs CTX 35 is it really that different in real world use?


Also, I keep buying 5 series because even after test driving other brands in the same segment I enjoy the 5 more. But in a few years i'll probably try a Tesla. Again thanks for helping out a newbie guys!

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