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Please Help! Don't Know How To Tint This Type Of Window!

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Good Evening Guys,

I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.

I have a 'Seat Mii' to tint tomorrow evening, the issue I have is not the front windows or rear w/s, the issue I have is with the rear two door windows, they have a plastic unclip & push mechanism and cannot think of any way around it.

Any tips would be welcome.

Thank you

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Take your piece and lay it on the window. Mark the center of the button with a sharpie. Move to cut board. Take a coin that is little(very little) bigger than your button. Center the coin on your mark, cut out the circle. Replace film on window to finish cutting and trimming. If you have a circle pattern ruler that would be ideal.

If you have to cut a slit so you can install around the mechanism, make sure to follow the mechanism, as if to hide the cut behind it. :thumb

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum. :hat

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