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Any tint experts? I need help.

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Just purchased a new BMW. and I've spent about 750$ on tint. I decided to tint my car 5% all around so i went to a shop that installed Lumar tint. As I was driving away I noticed everything green looked yellow through the tint. Grass trees and plants all looked dead. Looking through this tint made everything look depressing. So I said screw it. Let me go to another tint shop to remove and install some new tint. I called another local tint shop and asked for the type of tint they use. The guy said he used Johnson films. My girlfriend has that tint on her Honda Civic and when you look through it every color looks the same. I asked for the color he used and he said black. So I made an appointment to have it installed. As I was driving away I noticed this tint made everything look brown. It was like a honey or Amber tint. Not what I wanted. I went back to the guy and told him that tint was not black. It was more of an amber looking tint. He then told me the more expensive tint was the black one. So there I go again paying extra money to replace the tint with the Universal black tint. 4 hours later I return to pick up the car and it looks exactly the same. Same Amber tint! WTF! I left pissed. The next day I called about 4 tint shops and I told them I do not want brown/Amber or yellow tint on my car. I want a grey tint that doesn't change color of objects when I look through it. 2 shops said they carry black and sounded confused when I told them about colors changing when I look through the tint and the other 2 recommended 3m color stable tint. They said colors stay consistent with this tint. So there I go. Went to the shop that installed 3m color stable. Picked the car up and FINALLY found a tint that doesn't change the color of objects. BUT as I was driving home I noticed things were looking cloudy/ hazy. Called the tint guy and he said it looked hazy cause of the moisture. It would disappear in about a week. Well guess what. It's been 5 weeks and still looking cloudy. This whole tint thing has been so frustrating. Money is not an issue. I just want a tint that doesn't change the color of objects when I look through them like the one on my girlfriend has on her beat up Honda. Please if there is anyone out there that lead me to the right tint please help. I haven't been able to enjoy my new car because of this annoying tint issue. All I want is a grey looking tint that does not look cloudy when looking through it. Thanks for reading.

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I am going to say it, BMW owner.   :lol


With that being said, I would say wait until one of the Llumar guys to chime in...I have personally had Llumar ATC 5% on a car along with 20% and never seen the issue you are speaking.  However, it was some years ago and not sure if the ATC was reformulated since then.

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Guest bbvaldezjuly4th

Unfortunately you are most likely not gonna be perfectly satisfied.

But, your best route would be to have the shops install samples on your vehicle. That way you could clearly see if it fit your desires.

On a side note, looking for a film based strictly on slight appearance differences may eventually get you what you want, however this could also lead you to a huge sacrifice in longevity, quality or as you found out another issue such as haziness.

Good luck in your endeavors! :-)

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Sounds like you're in a pickle. I hope you are not holding the tint shops responsible for you having laser beams for eyes. :D


I think bbv has a good point with the samples. Drive around to each shop and have them stick on whatever scrap they're willing to part with and make your choice. Then......take a deep breath and move on with your life. I think it really is that simple :thumb

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Oh . My .   :gasp


How was the quality of the film install?


You need to remember that everybody's eyes see the same thing differently. When You were driving, were You wearing polarized sunglasses? This could have an effect on things that You see thru the tint. Good luck in Your search. :cool


I'm glad I'm in Florida! :scared



Oh wait......I am not an expert though. May want to scratch that advice. Sorry  :embar



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You could look at Winco's film, it has a smoke-blue look to it. Makes colors appear more crisp and the sky bluer for that positive (out)look.  :boogie


I would have to ask, 'WTF so dark of film'?  :evileye  5% is a cop magnet, dangerous after dark and don't let the insurance company get wind of it in the event of an accident. 

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