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lift suggestions for everyday use..

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looking for some input here as to what most people are using...


26" lift - 3" clearance


(would this one work with all makes - corvette, ferrari, BMW, etc based on frame lifting points and adapters, seems short for some reason?  This one is more of a stay put option)


48" lift - 7" clearance


(can be moved around in the shop as needed with the trolly)


QuickJack - 17" lift - 3" clearance


(Easier to move around)


is the 46" one over kill?  I would have to build ramps to get the car up and over the lift since the clearance is 7", so the car would need to be 8" up.  Most cars I do are in the are in the 4.5" ground clearance height range (porsche, ferrari, bmw).  Race ramps has their 185" set to solve this issue, but if the 17" lift will suffice for clear bra installs and detailing use, then I would save the 800 bucks on the race ramps (huge value in weight savings over doing a wood block setup to raise the cars over the lift)


Trying to get things setup next week, so any input would be greatly appreciated.  Do I need 48" lift, or will the other two work better?

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One of the best quality lifts out there. Don't go cheap on a lift and I can tell you I have been to Bendpak when we picked up ours. Quality materials used for these lifts.


Note it will not fit every wide car out there though. 2 post or race ramps can be used for those instances.

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