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Last One To Post Wins Game #534

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Stan with the late nite win!!



This is a chat thread that anyone is welcome to post in. It is set to close at a random time within 5 days. If you are the last to post before it closes, you win and get a medal for your signature.

Have fun.     :thumb2 






'morning all...



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:yawn     post-28358-0-72199000-1447939304_thumb.g


I remember last year around this time I was slow for like a month. Seemed too pick up right before Christmas then take me o.k. through.

That's usually the way it works.  :D   

Everyone says that tinting windows is a PITA,,and you should do remote starts in the winter. Nope, not me.  I rather NOT do remote starts.  They are a PITA in my book.   :twocents  

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