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call from a customer just now

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

"tint shop"

them-"how much do ya'll charge to tint?"

me-"what kind of car is it?"

them-"it matters what kind it is?" :lol

me-"uh, yeah" :sign

them-"it a mercury mystique"

me-"that will run you $175"


me-"yes, $175"

them-"do ya'll have the film already there?" :hmmm:hmmm

me"uh, yeah. we're a tinting facility. it's what we do here"

them-"oh, ok. all the other places I've checked I had to bring my own film" :evileye

me-"were those other places charging you $175?"

them-"no, most were $45" :sign

me-"you ever think there might be a reason for that?"

them-"well I've seen their work, and it was a good job"

me-"well, I'm a professional, running a legitimate business. if you want it done, go see them. if you want it done RIGHT, come see me"

them-"ok thanks."

I'VE JUST ABOUT HAD IT. :lol:thumb:evileye :inot :inot :lol

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