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Funny, very funny customer

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had a customer about a month ago, he had a land rover defender truck, with a tray at the back and the really curvy small glass in the back.. tinted it no worries. about a week later he calls me back to say tha there were gaps on the little 1\4 windows and that he was'nt happy with then. there I go outside to explain how they are very hard windows to do, mind you it was only about 3 mil gap all around, in my eyes a very good job. he left only to call me that nite to see if I could give him some film because he wanted to have a go at doing then. I said to him mate there is no way in hell that you can put film on that window. as a matter of fact I'll put 1000 bucks on the table right now if you can eaven get the film to stick to the glass. :booga :mad

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