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For the wrap guys how would you wrap this hood?

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A friend of mine wants me to try and wrap his 85 Corvette the 3m 1080 I am looking comes in 60" wide but the hood measures 80" wide and about 65" to the hood tips. so my question would you seam it and if so were or will this film stretch enough to cover the corners at the top?


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Would roll it out the 80" (with overhang) and use the width of the roll to do the 65".


Either heat and pre-stretch the film before applying or what I would do is tack down the front of the bonnet and then heat the film and pull towards each top corner, will need 3 or at worst 2 people to do it effectively. stretching the film 5+" over 60" is not going to overstretch it.

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Wow what a shame to see a car degrade like that!


Yes it will stick to a 2K primer, however, if you have sanded a car and primed it then you have done most of the hard yards for a paint job. It isn't that much more for a spray painter to complete the rest


Also you have to make sure the primer is sanded perfectly. We wrapped a car with some primer spots once and it felt smooth to us but then when the wrap was applied you could see ripples where it wasn't sanded properly. It will highlight these areas badly.


As for grit, we don't do bodywork so you would need to research that or others maybe able to help....

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