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What's in a name??

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Ok.. I'm in the process of getting a website, and I registered two domains. One with my company name - dnswindowfilm.com and the other a funny name. sirtintsalot.com :mad

Now, more then likely I'll have both point to the same page... but, what should I have on my cards/flyers??

I kindof like the 2nd one... Part of being in business for myself is to let me enjoy it and have some fun.... but, I also want to be taken seriously.

So, what do you think I should go with??






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I'm afraid I can't allow you to use SirTintsAlot. I coined that title back '71 when I returned from Nam. j/k. Go with the professional one. STA.com sounds catchy, but there is NO WAY I would take my "baby" to a place called sirtintsalot.com. JMHO

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