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3m suing Xpel

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Adhesive manufacturing giant headquartered in Minnesota, 3M Co. filed a lawsuit in Minnesota federal court against San Antonio-based XPEL Technologies Corp. (TSXV: DAP.U) today for alleged patent infringement regarding a multilayer protection film for paint often used for automobiles, according to the federal complaint........3M wants a court order barring Xpel from infringing on the patent and awarding the manufacturer unspecified damages, court records show.





In a legal process that drags, I suppose it can wipe out the bulk of Xpel's profits.

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Will be interesting once more details pan out as what possibly could XPELs film be using that is specific to a 3M patent that other manufacturers arent using in their films?


If 3M was 'awarded' the patent in 2014 i would have thought the development of XPEL Ultimate was before then, or have they been hiding their Pro Series technology for years.... Will be interesting, maybe 3M's paint protection wing needs more funding for development so they have to do what they have to do :DD   :poke

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The thing is, anyone can make any claim against anyone else... Then you battle it out in court. So even if XPEL is totally in the clear, the $$$ they would need to defend themselves would probably (I'm guessing) be more of an impact then how much $$$ 3M has to fight them back. 


The whole patent system is horribly broken... 

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From what I understand the patent goes back around a decade or so and I would surmise was filed to protect the original Scotchcal product line so it will hinge on the concept of multiple ply Ppf film rather than the process to achieve it

The irony is strong in this action if you search for abandoned patents by Xpel it seems everyone tries to play this game

What the ultimate objective of this is one can only speculate on.

However if it were me as an installer I would have alternate supply options in place to keep the doors open in case this brings San Antonio operations to a standstill.

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