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Tint Percentage

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Recently got my car tinted, had to take it back the next day to get a single window redone (heaps of bubbles)

Now the window thats been retinted looks like it has maybe 20-25% instead of 30% visiblity. just wondering if this new tint will be as bright/more visible after a few days.



Thanks guys


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All I'm saying is give it a couple days, let things dry up and see if it still looks different. If it's a high volume shop they could have used a roll from a different box. Each roll can vary by a few percentage. I would wait a week and see if it's still noticeable. If so take it back and ask them to meter it. :twocents

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If it is noticeable difference they might of put the wrong shade on by eyeing it versus checking receipt or metering it.  Or like they said it could be a different box (same vlt) and there is a slight difference, but shouldn't be noticeable in that case.  Personally I would wait for everything to dry and then take it back because there might be something else that doesn't come out which then would require you to come back a third time.  

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