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JH with the hat trick!!   smileys-hockey-and-ice-hockey-119074.gif




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So I was at my mom's house today... They have forced air heating. It's an older home that was gutted and redone.. hardwood in much of it.. high ceilings. 


My place is the first floor of a duplex.. older home. I have radiator heating... hot water.. heater is gas. Carpets throughout.



I love my heat. It feels a lot more comfortable then at my moms. The forced air heat just doesn't seem to 'hold on' to the heat as well, IMO. Which she agrees.


My question - why are modern homes heated with forced air, rather then some type of radiator? 


I'm sure it comes down to money... everything comes down to money. But comfort wise, it seems like forced air is not the best way to go. 



Anyone know??

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:thumb  Thanks!

No problem.  I will say that a lot of people choose due to health.  Some people with allergy problems prefer the rad system because it doesn't blow dust and dander around.  Asthma is the same way.  Although,  some asthma people say they like the forced air because it doesn't make the air seem thicker due to the added humidity from the rad system.  :twocents

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Woohoo.  Not a bad first day back.  Full 4 door and 3 sets of doors and a strip.   :rest



Bout that time   :drive



Oh and I don't think I said   CONGRATS JH on 3 in a row  :cool  


I was trying to block as much as I could  :evileye

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Here is an informative page on this Roach 


Just finished reading the page... Lots of good info. Much of which I had a feeling about. 


I'm not sure where I'll eventually land house-wise, but I hope it has radiant heating.  :thumb


I think the place I want to move to has air.. I don't remember asking, but since it's newer, and an apt complex, I'd be surprised if it wasn't forced air. 


The townhomes I want to move into - again, they aren't super old, so I'm gonna guess they are forced air. Which stinks cause the family room has vaulted ceilings. But.. one thing I want to add is a wood stove, so as long as it's not against the HOA... maybe between that and forced air wouldn't be so bad. (Plus carpet... wouldn't ever get a wood floor unit.)



Adulting is fun!!  :bubbles  

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Hey... also... While the biggest reason for wanting to move right now is so I can have a dog, one thing I hate about where I'm at now.. My neighbors bedroom is above mine. I don't know if it's just due to the age of the building, or the construction, but I can hear them thru the ceiling/floor. Their voices are muffled, so I can't understand what they are saying, but I can hear them talking at nite... or if their alarm goes off, I can hear that too. Not loud.. but I'm just a super light sleeper.  


But, the floors creek really loud. So when they are walking around - that is enough to wake me up in the morning. Not every morning... I guess it depends where I am in my sleep cycle. 


THAT is getting super old.. 


Newer apartments I would think would be constructed better, right?? So you shouldn't hear your neighbors, generally speaking. Granted if people are partying or whatever... fine. I'd expect it. When they are watching movies or something I can hear that, which I'm sure they can hear me when I have my tv or music pumping. But no one is trying to sleep then either. lol



This has been my only apartment with neighbors upstairs. Have had them next to me, but not up and down. 

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