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Tint shop hypes up their installer

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I thought i had skills...that is before i read this on a website about their installer.  Sounds like this guy kills it at tinting!



“Ricardo” who is like Picasso with tint on cars.  He is a picky bastard though and is an absolute prick when it comes to doing it right because he is amazing. He can amaze and astound you with his mad skills when it comes to tinting your glass.  So to keep him busy and keep me learning more Hispanic cuss words, man. We will meet or usually beat any prices on car auto and vehicle tinting you get from anywhere else in the Metro Phoenix Arizona area.


Hey they might be good but I guarantee you they ain’t nearly as good as Ricardo.  He works his ass off and can usually tint your car, boat or vehicle the same day you call.  So call and ask for Ricardo the “Tint-God” for a quote. 

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Heck... back in my days tinting in Naples I ran a column ad that said something along these lines, 'XYZ Window Tinting would rather impress you with their knowledge and skills in the field of window tinting than anything else that would be found in this ad. Call us @'.


Best ad, bar none (including large page display), to work at drawing attention to my business. Had competitors calling me to say it was ingenious or bite my azz and such.  :lol

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