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Last One To Post Wins Game #550

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Boomsie  For The Win   :woot2


This is an off topic chat thread.

It is set to close at a random time within 5 days.

If you are the last one to post before it closes, you win and get a medal for your signature.  :thumb

Have fun!!       :boogie 



TD will be along to set the closing time.  



Morning ever E body   :D

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:mad   I know Eastwood said he loves his Merrell shoes, but these things are driving me crazy.  Everyday they fit different.  One day they make one toe hurt, the next it's a heel.  And it's never the same foot.   :krazy  

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My fiance and I have some and don't have an issue...maybe need to be a touch bigger?


I think I've got one built wrong.  Like the heel is off a little, and it's making me compensate,,  i.e. = making my other foot hurt also.   :dunno


I'll find some more and then clean them up and give them to a guy here at the shop.   :thumb

Morning all



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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