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50% Windshield tint?

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Hey there,

I've been looking into getting a light film for my windshield (50%). I've got 5% on the fronts now and 1% on the back so it's really dark as it is. I'm just wondering if it'll be really noticeable from the outside. I drive a 2006 GMC Sierra so it's a big windshield which may look lighter because of all the light shining on into it. Any info would be great.

Thanks, Eric

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Just FYI, you are about to get a lot of heat on here for the darkness.  With that being said, I do 50% on all my windshields.  As long as the window film has good optical clarity, you will be able to see out of it perfectly fine and it will add some shade to the outside, but not too noticeable.

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I understand what you mean, and yeah, they are a little too dark, I removed it on my work van, because of the advertisement on the car, would have been pulled over all the time. Did it on two purposes, 1; Take a picture with tint on windshield. 2; Make a video of the install. 


I always tell custys that in front of B-pillar, it's on them because any film in front of B-pillar is illegal, and I explain the law till them.


Heard some month ago one of them got pulled over for them front windows and windshield, total fine approx. $550 


Next day I got a call from him, he wanted front windows tinted again.(not windshield)

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