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Help with wireless network

Guest Foogoo

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Guest Foogoo

So here's the situation, I got the crappy yahoo SBC dsl package and after about five hair pulling days got it to work. It includes a 2wire Hopeportal modem which has built in wireless gateway.

The other day I bought a dlink usb 802.11b receiver for my other computer. The SBC software is designed for 2wire products which I find to be rather distasteful. I installed the receiver and drivers and it connects to my modem. But I cannot surf. I try install the SBC software pretending I hve a 2wire receiver but the "Connection test" fails.

Can someone help me get connected using the dlink usb receiver? And if you are thinking about getting this dsl package...don't.

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Guest Scotch1

Sorry to hear of your troubles... But can you just get the stuff returned and get their standard modem? Then just go out and buy a "real" wireless router that'll give you 4 ports and the wireless. It will prolly run you less $$ too.

I haven't dealt with that specific setup, but make sure ALL security settings are off first -- no encryption, broadcast your ID, make sure you have adequate signal strength. Then try opening the default gateway (some address like h t t p://198.168.x.x) to see if the wireless adapter will "talk" to the wireless gateway. I don't know exactly how their gateways work, but if it's not the same as the wireless routers, you really should consider just one of those you can get at Bestbuy. Oh -- can you surf the net with the PC connected via "wire"? Did you have to install any software to "login" into the DSL? (Did you have to enter an account name/password to start a session or is it setup on the wireless gateway?) I.e. If you were to connect a second computer, do you need to enter account information on that secod computer, or does it instantly recognize that it can surf?

I have SBC and the less I rely on their "solutions" the better off I was. I think you can get a wireless 8011.b router for ~$50 or less depending on rebates. The wireless cards are <$50 also. I have a netgear myself and like it lots. The range is not as good, but I'd rather have less people peering into my network :cool

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Guest Foogoo

Thanks for the suggestions. I have no clue whether any login info is needed to operate via wireless. I tried using the sbc software to set it up but it could not establish a connection with the main modem (even though the dlink monitor indicates it's connected).

I don't know if I can surf via a wire because there's no way to do it without purchasing a router (even though this is a "home package" with everything included).

If I purchase a normal wireless router, will the other computer be able to connect to the modem directly and not have to go through all the sbc software bs? Thanks a lot...I'm going crazy here.

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