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I just went round and round with a lady about "matching it up"  :wall 


She wanted it to match on a Suburban, but didn't want to be illegal.  Couldn't wrap her head around the fact that legal doesn't match.  


She actually said,  "they give me the 20% on the back, why can't I have it up front too?"  


Me = "that's the way the law is written mam"  


Her = " If it doesn't match it won't look right,  but I don't want to get a ticket or have to take it off "  "can you remove what's on the rear and make the whole thing match legally? " 


Me =  No mam.  that on the back is built into the glass.  


Her =  " Well that's just dumb "  



I hate the tint law.  :mad  

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