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Sale: $500 3M Scotchgard 30" x 100'

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Hello there,



I have a 3M Scotchgard bulk roll that I would like to sell since I no longer have a need for it. 


Roll is only about a 1 1/2 years old and still has a unused cut code.


New, the roll comes 30" x 120'. By looking at the diameter of the roll and from remembering of barely using it. I would guess there is a good 100' left.


New price would be about $3.5 per sq'. I am willing to let it go for $2 per sq'. Which comes to $500 paypaled and shipped.


I attached pictures of the roll.


Let me know if you have any questions.











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i would recommend throwing it on eBay and letting it go to the highest bidder. The film is a year and a half plus old, doubt many professionals on this forum nor in general want that old of film. Especially when that version doesn't exist. You might be able to get a body shop or graphics place to pick up the roll just to have it in case. Just trying to help.

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