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Fines for illegally tinting windows

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im in cali ,  with some strict laws but never had a n issue , just make sure you have no paper trail of your workon illegally tinted vehicles , ive heard of a shop getting sued by a kids parent for tinting his car 5% on the front doors and he crashed his vehicle , they went after the shop . but not sure the outcome ,good luck

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:idea   Call up the local authorities and ask what the fines are, and get back with us.  


:phone  Make sure you give them your name and shop information, and make sure to tell them exactly what illegal tint you have been doing.   :evileye

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Just kidding of course.  


I would think the fines and charges will vary from jurisdiction and municipality.  If a case were to go far enough to require fines being brought on a shop, then the range could wind up being rather severe.  From $500 up to $50,000 depending on the ruling of the court and what they deem an acceptable punishment.  


I hope NO SHOP ever has to deal with that kind of a case.  :twocents

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I've searched numerous times to try and find that exact answer. Sounds like you're asking though if they have no proof. That's going to be tough unless they ( law enforcement) sends a vehicle to you too have tinted illegally, which has been known to happen. All that being said do during the night what you can sleep with at night.

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I serious doubt any shop would get a fine in GA because all do illegal tint except for 2 shops.  The amount of money the local/state government makes on ticketing drivers here is in the millions yearly if not in the tens of millions.  So they would lose tons of money if they started to crack down on it.

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