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2000 6.5L

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That is basically a crankcase ventilation valve/filter.  Sorta like a PCV valve for the turbo.    All turbos are oiled and that is the filter for the air going into the mixture for the turbo.  That much "blow-by" could be an issue.  

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Thanks, so I'd have to rip apart the turbo in order to get that to go away?


Also would this explain why it puffs whit smoke when it's under acceleration.

No you wouldn't.  There are deletes available.  Not sure exactly what is involved but I'm pretty sure there is more to go with it than just deleting it.  Same goes with the EGR delete.  And yes,, the white smoke is an issue.  If it were black I wouldn't be worried, but white or blueish is a nono.  That's blowing straight by/through the turbo and not getting exhausted properly.  Be leary of that one if the miles are up on it, it's been run pretty hard.  

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