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New guy to the forum

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Hey everyone new here from Indiana. I don't have a lot of experience I'd say 2-3 solid months. No questions in particular just saying hi. My father in law and I do boat storage and winterizing. I work on boats at my shop and mobile during our summer months and just getting into tinting to keep me a little more busy and I enjoy it. I am currently using awsf just because a Freind of mine turned me on to it. He is a tinter of about 10 years and uses llumar everyday but uses awsf on the side. Anyways I've been doing some practicing and haven't really had any problems just besides making sure the glass is cleaned well.

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Welcome to the site. Utilize the search button. Anything you can't find we're happy to help.



:mad  :tantrum  No we aren't. He gonna get smart aleky BS answers that  do not conform to reality.




And props for pointing out the search button. That's my pet project :DD




:waving JBower

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