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How to prep rear glass properly?

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Hi, how to prep rear glass properly for tinting? I use water based glass cleaner and white brite pads, but I can't rid of all contamination, maybe I need to try carefully scrape between defroster lines? I always scrape side windows and they looks good, and on back window there is not so much contamination left but I'm not satisfied enough, thanks for any help.

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Thank you, and if it only trapped small air bubbles maybe there is a possibility to fix it? Or better to avoid it? Maybe I have not enough skills to use squeegee, for training purposes I use "Lexen professional tint film" on ebay it cost 150 $ for 40" x 200 ft (It looks to cheap to be professionall) I have no idea how to add photo

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I think the main problem is being that you have only tinted 4 cars and your experience level hasn't even broke "0" Those youtube videos will give you somewhat of a guideline, but definitely not going to turn you into a pro overnight. Just my 2 pennies.

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I definitely agree with you Ocala, but I want improve myself, I do not expect that someone will write something ant it will solve all my problems :) I just want to do better job every time I tinting, but is very difficult then I don't know reasons and solutions of my fails :)

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I hope you can see it, it's difficult to take a photo, it looks like empty air bubbles, here I used baby shampoo with water, second my job was done with waterbased glass cleaner and it was 80% less bubbles, center of glass always clear, bubbles are more noticeable in sides of rear glass


and this is my las job

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