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Should a car be washed before taking it to the tint installer?

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I recently had my car tinted and now I have to go back and have them redo some of the windows and the back glass because there is hair/debris under the tint.  When I brought my car in the first time I wouldn't go so far as to call the outside filthy, but I wouldn't call it clean either.  Could this have any impact on the debris under the tint?  Should I get the outside washed before I go back?


I'm a neophyte at car tinting so I'm fairly ignorant about all the steps you guys take during the installation. 


This place uses computer cut tint by the way.


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But your film is on the inside.... how dirty on the outside is irrelevant.

It's just that a cleaner window externally shows where contamination is on the inside that is more easily identified.

No Brainer.

Sub standard application expertise is screaming all over it.


My prostate is also on the inside ,but i dont go to the dr with a dirty butthole

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Its just makes sense to bring ur car as clean as possible. The cars that get me is the ones with full back seats or dog haired. When we confirm appointments we tell the customers to try to bring the car clean for a higher quality tint job. It just helps not waste the customers and ours time. 


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My prostate is also on the inside ,but i dont go to the dr with a dirty butthole





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