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Tinting an El Camino

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If you do try it, remember to cut it a little longer on the sides, as the window is bigger on the inside than on the outside.  


If you attempt it and mess up the first piece,  I recommend going ahead and trying to install it the rest of the way even though it is incorrect.  This will teach you what you should watch for on the next try.  :twocents

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The top and bottom edges can be a little bigger cut than the trim and the sides need to hang over the trim about 1/2in on each end

I just lightly shrink them outside and don't even need to totally shrink it perfect by top and bottom edges

It goes right on easy,,little finish shrinking inside

Did lots of them,,one of the 1st few cars I heat shrinked in 1990 or so

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One of my other favorite tips for cars like these with the hard silicone border.   Only install once with soap.  Once the piece is set, switch to a straight water bottle for the finish squeegee.  This helps tack the edges and pushes out the extra soap that will keep it from tacking up.  :twocents  

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