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new to the forum from Alberta Canada

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This is a great resource I've stumbled upon. I've been tinting in edmonton since I was 18 - I'm now 36 and live in Camrose. There was not much for tint shops in my city so I figured I would start up. I've been operating from my home for a year now and keeping all my profits for more films and to open a shop next year. My garage is an awesome tint shop now. I also do HID installs and lighting conversions and installs for customers. I do a bang up job and leave a big trail of happy customers sending out referrals all the time. I'm licenced and insured now too. I've been using Solargard films, Apex, some Llumar, but recently found some Madico Charcool and Onyx films available locally and I love them! What a wonderful film to work with and it's Canadian made too. I try to have many films available for the customers to choose from but the charcool is going to be my house brand for people that don't know what they want and just wanted tinted windows. Anyways I loon forward to contributing to the forums and sharing my own knowledge with the newer tinters. Thanks for making this place and I'm glad I found it.

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