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check out this crap

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had a new car dealer call last week wanting us to tint a car for them, now we have never done work for them before so we qoated them a price and they said ok, they had tried like 3 or 4 tint shops in the last couple of months and got very poor quality,anyway when we were done they came out to see it and were very impressed then they showed us some of the @#$% tint jobs they had gotten lately and we could not belive how bad they were,anyway when we were done they signed our invoice and off we went,then about 4 days later they called and said they were under the impression the first one was a sample and FREE :rollin what a bunch of :asshat s I can't wait to go up there monday to collect my money I almost hope they don't pay :hmmm

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Dealerships can be such a pain in the azz. They always want the best work for almost free. One of the dealerships here quit using us because we didn't get them anything for christmas. Gift basket or what not. A gift basket for them would almost take all the profit out of it. errrrrrrrrrrrrr :rollin

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Guest TINTFXold

ive had people show up for appointments and start bitching that the price is "cheaper down the road" or maybe they'll show up late and expect me to drop the job that im doing to do there's since they scheduled first............ uhhhh riiight.

the look on a rude, azzhole "the customer is always right" persons face when I tell them to not let the door hit them in the azz when they leave, is pricelss. :hmmm:rollin

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you know wut I would do I would Try to $%#@ up the Glass so that The GLue is still ON thier But the TINT IS NOT :rollin how long have it been since that vehicle got tinted.

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