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Pics of dead Americans in Fallujah

Guest Olfablade

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I have a @#$%' comment. These guys are simply paving the way for the next Bin Laden to step up and overrun their country.

The U.S. is supposed to be pulling out politically within three months and let the newly elected :bling government take over.

Scenes like this will be commonplace in the next 3-6mos.. :lol

All we did amounts to us leveling Iraq and getting rid of one rutheless leader (whom we helped rise to power btw) and replace him with the next more violent, anti-west thinking, Muslim hardliner who will rise to power by force and terrorist tactics.

These @#$%' terrorist rodents are making Bush and the U.S. Military look like Bill Murray in Caddyshack.

Our U.S. Embassy in Iraq will be said to employ 3,000 people by next year. I sure as sh!t wouldn't sign up for that job so I too can be roasted on a stick.

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Guest Readyman

What pisses me off is all of the people celebrating in front of the bodies, acting all tough. You know that the minute a Marine rolls up on them they wet themselves and run the other way.

What a bunch of puzzies.

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