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Looking for PPF Installer in the Eastern PA Region

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First, I would like to say that this forum is an invaluable source of information and I have learned quite a bit about PPF in general.


I have installed several PPF kits (primarily VentureSheild and 3M) on personal cars and am not a professional installer, however am a bit hesitant on installing a full hood (the edge wrapping is what makes me nervous).  I have a "garage queen" that is in need of having several PPF pieces installed (also replacing a few) and would be interested in finding a good installer.  I would like to use Suntek PPF-C as the film and am looking to have the following installed:


1) full hood install

2) partial fenders

3) A pillar/roof

4) mirror

5) rear decklid


I have done quite a bit of research on the various films offered currently and believe Suntek is going to be the best choice for my needs.


Any assistance or guidance on finding a recommended installer in my area would be greatly appreciated.  I am in the Philly/Allentown PA area and my zip code is 19486.


Thanks in advance.



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I am considering XPel, however would prefer Suntek at this stage after reading about the pros/cons of the various film offerings available.  The vehicle is a 2011 Mazda RX8 R3.  It already has VentureShield PPF on it and am looking to replace a number of pieces.  Photos attached.






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Hello, I wanted to circle back regarding my request for a PPF installer in the Eastern PA region.  Thank you, Jeff.  I did take my vehicle to Rock Guard, as you had suggested and EJ/Kelly were an absolute pleasure to deal with.  EJ took his time to answer my many questions and provided a flawless installation. I have had many PPF kits installed on this vehicle and other vehicles, so am familiar with realistic expectations, and EJ's installation far exceeded my expectations.  For anyone in the Philly/Lehigh Valley region, certainly check out Rock Guard in Allentown for an excellent installation.  

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