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new to wraps (but feverishly interested!)

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hello all,


as the topic title explains, I have recently been introduced to the wonderful world of vinyl wrapping, which still strikes me funny as I'm also now just realizing that I've been seeing wraps around for many years, all the while remaining totally unaware of what they were! 

That being said, I am now becoming very interested in the process, and especially with customization. So, my burning questions are:


• what program (or programs) are wraps with graphics design in? Are they photoshop files that are edited to fit specific printing dimensions or is there some other sort of rending program that is commonly used for creation? 


• what kind of variations of printing processes are used; as in, what kind of printers, inks, and similar materials must one have in order to produce vinyl print-outs? (for now, budget is not a circumstance to be addressed)  


I have many years experience with cameras, digital photography, photoshop and even some graphic design, so I am very eager to try my hand at making some cool looking stuff. 

Thanks very much for any tips and advice you can send my way! Additional websites, youtube videos, books, documents (etc) are greatly appreciated. 


all the best  :thumb

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We run two  HP large format latex printers.


Info about such beasties can be found here:




We have used my jpeg photos from my various point and shoot cameras straight to print.For client work we use their supplied high res files or digitally produced work.


The files used would depend on the intended use.




The material you would print on would depend on the substrate you want to install the image on.


This means you can take your holiday pics and wrap your room!!




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