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Lexus IS rear glass

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I did a retint yesterday on a Lexus IS (4 door sports car V8)

Beautiful car. It was a 2005 that had 40k on it. Girl got it from her mom. Mom let older brother drive it last year and he went and had the windows tinted. Mom found out and didn't like it so she went and tore all the tint off of it... along with the tint came 90% of the rear defroster lines...

So I had to remove year old adhesive that was making the roll down windows look hazy and make noise when she rolled down the glass. I also had to remove the last 10% or defroster lines.

Car looked beautiful afterward with 35% sides and 5% Madico Charcool films installed.

New rear window from Lexus was 1800 dollars so the girl opted for not having a rear defroster.

I've never seen someone tear off the lines like that WOW

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