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Last One To Post game #565


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Woohoo. Jh for the quick win. :boogie

Congrats. :beer

Ric will be along to post the 2nd winner :thumb

This is an off topic chat thread that is set to close at a random time within 5 days.

If you are the last one to post before it closes, you win and get a medal for your signature. :thumb

Have fun!!

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What's strange, to me.. I don't have any puddles under my truck when it's parked... or if I go to a job.. I don't come out and see anything on the ground. The temp gage has been ok... and I don't see any steam or smoke coming from anyplace.

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It will still use up some of what's in there and have to be topped off. If you haven't done it in awHile, you wouldn't notice and it will still be low.

So, do you think it's quote cheap of the owner of the bowling alley we shoot pool out of,, to charge an extra dollar if you use a card to pay your tab?? Mine was over $50 last night and thy still charged extra because I ran a card instead of cash. :dunno

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I think it's cheap... yes. I don't do that with my customers, and before when it was not allowed, I used to turn stores in for doing that... (I know.. )


Since they are now allowed to do it, a lot of places have been adding a charge.


I personally think it should be the cost of doing business - if you want to accept cards, which is your choice, you shouldn't make your customers responsible for the charge. You chose to offer it...



But that's me. lol



The truck was warm when I went back out. :boogie

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Sweet Roach. :campfire Hope that's all it was. :D

He's really cheap in other ways. He wants to keep the league team because if there is no bowling league going on Tuesdays, he wouldn't have any business if we left. YET, he won't fix the tables. :mad They play like crap and everyone in the league complains when they have to come to our bar to shoot.

I wish it wasn't so close to the house and there was another place I could move the team to without traveling to far to shoot. :wall

Rant over. :mellow:

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Morning all. Roach to answer your question on the last post, it may run a little hot. If the core is bad meaning clogged or has a pin size hole it will run on the hot side. Being it's cold out you won't have heat or defrost causing your windows to fog on the inside. Use antifreeze and not just water as water will freeze in the block when the temp drops causing the freeze plugs to fall out.

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