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ST Carbon or CXP?

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Hey guys how are you all doing tonight. Just had a few questions for yah and see if I can get some input. Been browsing around all day and just haven't found the answer I'm looking for yet. I recently just got in the Biz & so far got my tint tool setup & ordered film. The tint tool setup I'm pretty confident in, the film, I'm not so sure. I've all ready called my SunTek rep two times changing my order up because while honestly I'm not so sure what's the best investment for me to do. So if you can bare with me for a moment and give me your opinion I'll bring you to wear I'm at.


Before step 1 of 1. Called SunTek basically told me who only sell to business owners

Before step 1. Next day got a business license & LLC, setup EIN # to specific business. Called got fucked around for a few days, faxed all info, yatayata.

1. Today I was like fuck it those mfrs havent responded back to me it's either I order today or I'm going with a different brand. Called and ordered a roll of Carbon 60x100 18% and %30 Successfully, Surprised, and a little indecisive because I didn't expect a "Okay Sir, What would you like to order?"

2. Within 5 minutes called back to change order to a roll of Carbon 60x100 6% and 18%

3. Called to bother the young lady one more time about getting my two rolls of 60x100 pre cut to 36x24.

4. All day contemplated if I should have gone with CXP, if the carbon will turn purple, am I idiot (okay last part I was just kidding) but anyways.


Whats your opinion on CXP, or Carbon. Is the combination of 6% and 18% a good choice?

Will my carbon turn purple or are people just tripping?

Is the 36x24 a good idea or am I going to slap myself in the face when I measure a back window or windshield and its over 36?

I payed a lot more then I expected with the SunTek Carbon so at this point I'm just wondering if it was worth it to go the extra mile & get the CXP or should I just stick with the carbon stfu and start pressing bubbles.


There is a blue max in that fusion handle, the Triumph blades are on there way, and I did get a nice little stainless steel toolbox & heat gun to go with the setup.


Thanks, if you respond I would truly appreciate it, the decision will haunt me all night & interfere with my piece of mind till I can get some confidence from my choices so yes, by posting I would appreciate it, if this is the wrong section well, I'm new but you all ready knew that.


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The carbon for me in nc only lasted a couple years. Used the hp for a good period and that seemed to hold up the best. Cxp 80 is the only thing I tried but imo that's too pricey to be the only film you offer. As for the cutting 24/36 isn't bad. I usually get that or 23 37. Tool wise that channel squeegee is way to big and throw that Palmolive away and get some baby shampoo. And the baby powder just use bar soap. Less messy and one bar will last forever :twocents

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Think I should switch order to HP? Ahhh I see well it was almost $--- a roll just for the Carbon as it is so,,,Well the plan with turbo squeegees is to put that sucka on a anvil tighten the B&^** down and cut a nice little hand squeege off it and then when its done for throw that sucka away and cut another one off the line. Baby shampoo got it,I will pick some up, Alright I will def try that, Thanks for your input. I see you browse these forums often considering you gave me some input on last thread,


Ha I literally posted this above message and was about to go back and edit that I'm in Michigan. Its usually cold as fuck during winter and the summers are hotter then hell in the summer. Thats a relief with the carbon bro thanks I was sweating all day about the investment I just made on the film haha, Yes they do suck but as starting I will only be doing friends & family cars so I feel comfortable going all out with them & from what I've personally seen you get a ticket and either remove the film or pay usually $75. I will have to go and browse the laws I thought about it all day but kept forgetting, I'm guessing its nothing on windshield & driver & passenger side but lets Dbl check.

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If I'm not tinting I'm usually here. I try and give the best unbiased opinion I can, well maybe a little biased. I doubt they would let you switch at this point. Should've already shipped. Hp is something to think about though. Honestly in Michigan you probably won't have any problems with the carbon. Probably get a good five years out of it.

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Ha that's freaking awesome man! I can't wait to get into my little shop and lay down some film on my vehicles as practice so fucking excited. Any opinions are better then none at this point. If I have a contact in my phone to txt that tints I would have been on his block list all ready with the questions. For sure if the carbon works out I'll stock more varieties. I'd like to get a little nice neat pamphlet showing different films to customers specifically for future residential and commercial installs but have no heard any word back from SunTek about it. I've seen them before maybe you know where I can pickup one? or some diagrams. That's really good to hear about the carbon man thank you so much for giving me your opinion. Cause its just crazy I've worked at one of the best tint shops around Grand Rapids Michigan and all I can faintly remember is that they used Carbon. I mean he stocked everything but I just swear they used Carbon. & Its like I never ever thought it looked purple or discolored or ever seen a customer come back from color changing. SO it was just blowing my mind reading on here about carbon sucks carbons all i use carbon turns purple etc. Just thinking man, wtf, did I not remember right, did they use HP or CXP haha.


I wouldn't mind knowing a little bit more about your Tint life, what kinda film do u use, where are u from, how long, etc stuff like that. Very interested.


Michigan Must not be more than 35% reflective. lol wtf... Well from what I've seen and been told as long as you keep drivers and passanger A Okay you'll be fine. & Obv is your windshield is to dark thats going to cause more problems for you driving at night then anything I would assume. 4 inches from the top yah like I'm just going to have a big gap in my window lol. Damn ppl shooting up cops making the tint laws harsh...

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