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cutting film rolls

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I typically get a 60" roll and do my own cuts. When i say i cut my own i mean i get a few olfa blades and stick them in the box at 20"/20"/20" and pull out 3 20" pieces for the average car. Then ill pull another 3 pieces for the fourth window and have 2 pieces left over for the next car. ill then mark the box at 30" for the average back window and pull it out and have a 30" back window for the next car left over. It works good for me. especially when i get new elantra's or some civic i can mark the box at every 15" and pull all doors out with 1 pull then the back window at 30" or use the extra piece from the car before.

I normally mark my box at 20" 22" 24" 30" on both left and right side of box. 22" for some trucks and 24" for mostly fords.

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