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Tint Shop Employees TOTAL Corvette During Joyride

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"with only 500 available in America. Unfortunately there’s one less C7.R Edition on the road. This example was just purchased from a Chevrolet dealership in Texas, with the buyer requesting added window tint. So, the dealership sent the car to a local tint shop to get the job done."


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I hope they were ok... and fired.



Stuff like this pisses me off...  Esp. when a new owner of a high end sports car pulls out of the lot.... looses control and crashes. I'd love a nice car... and these dbags get one and can't even drive it properly. smh

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The three closest tint shops to where that happened, according to YP.com are: Sun Pro, American Auto Tint, & Westside Tinting.


Granted, that doesn't mean much... who knows how long the guy(s) were out in it...


Closest Chevy dealership is Westside Chevy.... Which is on the same road as those three...

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People tend to think they can drive until they get behind the wheel of a high horsepower rear wheel drive car. Gets loose quick.

Yep, you have to learn how to handle a rear wheel driven car first, especially something with a lot of power like the Corvette zo6.

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No one mentioned the totaled SUV in the Background. What a shame. It was for sale now on less family is going to be able to ride in comfort. :D

Also That Corvette must have been defective. The speed limit sign he hit said fifty. So I'm sure he was observing All traffic law when the vehicle just lost control on its own.

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I believe new owners should be at least be given a quick schooling from dealership. The salesman should say " This thing could kill you very easily."

I remember when I drive my Dad's cobra for awhile while in high school. he told me he had "sleepless nights" worrying if I was gonna wrap it around a tree. He sold it and was probably for the best knowing my "competitive attitude."

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