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looking to buy!!

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Pelham AL.

:waving Hello, from Trussville. Not too far from you at all. I shoot pool in Pelham all the time. :thumb

I've got one that is not converted yet. You would have to do your own modifications, but if you are interested. PM me and I will explain more.

:welcome Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks friend.!! Can you explain how and what modifications have and as you sell?

It's just the tank. You would have to retro fit it with the proper fitting and such to make it a sprayer.

A few fittings, a fill valve(which I have), and the hoses and nozzle.

If you have time, do a search on here for corny tanks and you can get an idea of what might need to be done.

If you want to try it, I would be willing to let go of the tank REALLY cheap. :D

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