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Security film for automotive

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I was wondering what the current options are for automotive security film.  It would be great it it blocks heat, with high light transmission, such as 50% or higher.


I realize it won't be bank glass level of protection, but something better than just normal window tint.


Anyone's personal installation experience would be great also.





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I've applied multiple layers to door glass. No warranty, but the guy lived in Detroit. What I used was 4mil Llumar security film with premium dyed ATC on top. I adjusted the pattern in the plotter program so that the security film was slightly larger than the charcoal film just to be sure there were no hanging edges. He wasn't concerned about security on the back glass. It was a 2016 BMW 3 series.


Llumar does sell a neutral N1050 50%, but they didn't offer me anything darker. They told me that ATC layered over the 4mil should be fine, so I did that.


I've done 4 SUVs in the past few months with 4mil security film for the police department. Was on factory privacy. It takes a while to heat form, but surprisingly shrinks fairly well. I wouldn't try anything too curvy.


I did 7mil on the sides of a vehicle a couple weeks ago, and it was hard keeping it tacked on the curvier windows because it is so stiff.

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So it is looking like there might not be a specific automotive grade security film?  I'm just wondering:


1.  Is there one that has at least a small amount of heat rejection, or light tint included?


2.  Can it be heat-shaped to work with a really mild SUV back window?  It looks like the Llumar 4mil can shape a bit, but I'm hoping for something made for auto, with the scratch resistance that would typically come with.


Anyone use this?:




And, is there a similar alternative with other companies?  (it looks like this 3m product only comes in 60", and I need it to be 24" or so)

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Thanks for the info jh812.


The main problem with Express window films, is that it has poor heat rejection.  They sent me a spec sheet, and it just wasn't quite right.


The 3M at this point seems to have good heat rejection, but I didn't want to buy a 60" roll, which seems to be the only way it is sold.  I'll have to call a rep to see if a partial roll could be found so I can give it a tryout.

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Every time a customer asks me about security film for cars, my response is this:

"what happens when you're in a fiery rollover accident and you have to get out of the car through the window?"

Easier to bust out or through from the inside due to concave glass curvature and film not providing resistance to broken glass.

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