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High absorbing film on annealed tinted glass

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Hey guys I know this topic has been discussed quite often and I've read the threads just wanting to get some thoughts on this. I'm looking at a commercial building with some large single pane 79.5 x 81 inch annealed tinted glass. The owners prefer a dark non reflective look such as a solar gard grey silver grey 10 with absorption of 65. I don't hang much film with absorption over 54 in general. The glass is in good shape in aluminum frames with rubber gaskets. There is no shading and the glass faces east and south. Also the job is in the southeastern US not at elevation. I've explained the dangers to the owners and the fact that there won't be a warranty on the glass but this could be a good relationship and I'm not interested in busting alot of glass even if I'm not responsible for it. Anyone have any thoughts on this situation?

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I usually approach these by making sure the customer understands the potential for breakage and that there would be other films less likely to lead to problems.  But if they are educated and are sure they want this film and are willing to sign off that they understand the issue and that there is no glass breakage warranty I am willing to do these.  Not familiar with the Ewf film but it could be worth showing them a sample since it would be safer.

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Ewf has a black looking dual reflective 10% with a tsea of 49. Can't comment on the whole warranty but I'm sure they could give you some information on it.

It appears the OP isn't concerned about the TSER but the TSA (Total Solar Absorbance) and wanting to make sure the film applied will be safe for the glass. 

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Not sure how well you can see all the specs but here is the sample and sheet. I've used it a couple times. I like to use it on storefronts to give it that black look. You can talk to Howard at express and he could educate you on it.

Seems like a pretty low TSER figure for that film type.

SolarGard GSG10 has a 70% TSER on 4mm clear single pane but would be a very risky choice of film for the OP's situation with its high absorption figures on those size panes.

Take a look at TrueVue5 or 15 instead. A much safer choice for thermal stress issues, high TSER and applied to tinted glass you don't see a silver external finish but more like a shiny black finish.

You could always apply a sample piece for your custy.

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