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Using clear coat to seal the edges of 3M 1080

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I just installed 3M 1080 gloss black wrap on my "diffuser". Did this on my BMW 328i F30 which has a non-m-sport bumper. Problem is that this "diffuser" is non-removable, and there is only a groove which separates it from the rest.

I have cut along this groove and it looks good. But I'm pretty sure this edge won't hold forever.


I was thinking of sealing the edge. And I thought of using the paint touchup clearcoat to use in this groove where the vinyl edge is. Will this work good? Will it stick to the vinyl and the paint?


And if I want to remove it in the future, will I be able to without damaging the paint underneath (when I have added the clear coat line).


Thank you!

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I have no photos right now, but I will take a few later.

I will redo the wrap completely, as I'm not happy with the cuts I made, it is very wavy. Not straight as I want it. So I just purchased a metal ruler which I will use when cutting. Or do you have any better idea?

The knifeless tape seems to make pretty bad cuts sometimes.


I will purchase primer too, but how do I apply it if I need to lift the film sometimes to get it right? I only got one shot right?

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It is on a plastic rear bumper.

I think it will be fine!


So you are going to take a metal ruler and an Olfa to cut the film on your car?????? Are you Nucking Futs??


Please for the love of all things automotive . Take the film you have purchased to a pro and have them install it.





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Yes, it might have been dumb to scratch the paint, and I have a little bit of anxiety for it now. But I think I did not scratch it that bad. And I will keep the wrap on for as long as it is possible, as it looks better. So they wont be visible. Plus the few scratches are in the groove on the bumper so they are not that easy to distinguish.

What's done is done.


I will redo it, but this time I will but masking tape on underneath, then install the wrap, cut it carefully and remove the excess. Then I will lift it up, apply 3M Primer 94 where i lifted the edge (i'm thinking it is possible because of the masking tape to lift it up). Then I will put it down.

How else can I apply Primer 94 on a visible edge?


Can you please try to provide me with good information, I will not leave this to a shop. I am very careful, but this time I think I didn't think it through!

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My English to English translation skills are apparently very poor.


It appears you are not familiar with the expressions: "measuring twice cut once" "look before you leap"" better safe than sorry" "should I not have done that".



Took all of 30 seconds to find these guys:





Please call them. Stop fuggin up your car.

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